Friday, 19 March 2010


This is the third model for the Second Circle group, an alien hunter of some sort. I wanted to have him really tooled up with weaponry and did intend to give him shock gauntlets but I forgot to drill the bits before I glued the hands. The metal on this miniature (and all the Krashrak models that I am aware of) is really tough so I won't bother now. I'll probably give him a load of grenades and some toxins instead.

The spear is called Curruid so I decided he would have a tooth as his charm.

Also I'm going away on Tuesday so I'll be racing to finish the sniper and get as much of this guy painted as I can before that. I've also decided to get back into computer gaming a little as my hardware is grossly under-used, so I bought Mass Impact. I have barely any spare time as it is, so it's doubly important to get some painting done before I start the game :)


  1. I was really impressed by this model. I'm really very keen to see him finished. I hadn't picked Stern to be the kind to have aliens tagging along, but I'm really interested in seeing how the group looks together as a whole.

  2. Thanks :) Yes I like the model (I really like the Krashrak model period). I know what you mean, Stern does have a Puritan look that is somewhat reinforced by the name, but I wrote him as "Radical leanings" mainly because I knew this model would be part of his group. I also find Radicals a bit more interesting since I bought the DH Radical book so it's all good ;)

  3. Nice! He looks "Odd" (in a positive way) - like you've pulled him out of a piece of John Blanche's artwork, which is a very, very good thing. :)