Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Charles Whitman, Sniper

Finished my Crusader on Monday, so I expect you'll see him on the weekend. I shouldn't really be putting ETAs on pics, I imagine it could be tedious for anyone wanting to see them when they inevitably fail to arrive on time :( anyway, Saturday....I promise.

Until then here's a sneak peak at the next character, Charles Whitman. I'm not yet sure whether the gun will have a supressor - it's a little over-powering as is, I had originally intended a lighter, sport style rifle. Also, vertical gun, or dipped slightly, as in the pic? Hmmmm.

"Crazy Sniper" is a bit of a cliche imho, so instead of making him an unbalanced character I decided he'll be a normal soldier with the name of a real-life psychopathic sniper. Should be a quick paint, black and grey (as part of the original retinue - probably the last member).

After that...well, I have a number of characters crying out to be built. Current front-runners are an Arcoflaggelant, a plasma-wielding maiden of vengeance based on the Daemonhuntress, a Chaos Magus, or one of his minions, a cultist. Which will it be? Only time will tell :)


  1. I like him a lot, I reckon you should leave the suppressor off, I don't think it would add much to what is already a VERY cool looking gun.

    Great job all round.

    Do you paint much 30mm stuff?

  2. Cheers mate! As it happens I added a supressor this evening ;p

    I haven't painted anything smaller for a while. Painted the odd random display piece, and I used to paint space marines, did about 30 before I finally accepted that I couldn't make an army. Maybe I could now, I have a different philosophy, no more endless hours on a single miniature; Build it, paint it, move on. A lot more satisfying :)

    I think I'll paint some 40k stuff again soon though.

    I'll paint some