Friday, 23 April 2010


The Herdstone

My new blog for WFB/Fantasy stuff. I'll carry on posting Sci-fi related material here. The new blog will be a little different, with a more warts and all flavour. Also there will be a fair amount of cross-posting between the blogs. I'll be building a Tzeench-alligned Hordes of Chaos army, like WFB Chaos used to be the last time I had any interest in it. Of course this means there will be a lot of beasts and monstrous creatures, perfect for =][= (despite the square bases!), I've included pictures of some of the miniatures that I intend to paint, some of which I already own, some of which I plan on getting along the way (I rather like the new GW minotaurs after initially finding them not at all pleasing, I imagine I'll be painting a fair few of those eventually). There's loads of 54mm fantasy stuff out there that will look great in a WFB Horde. It's a shame that there isn't such a depth of quality in the 54mm sci-fi genre, but this is life.

Of course this means that there'll be less updates to this blog, but I think this is a good thing. I'm really enthused about this new blog, something that's been entirely lacking from my =][= stuff lately, I know it will get me out of this painting rut. =][= is still my favoured realm, but I need a little break from it in order to refresh my enthusiasm.

Also I'll be running a little raffle after I get the new blog up and running, probably some GW vouchers as a prize, so stay tuned for that!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Readers may have noticed that I've been away for a while. In truth I was only away for a little over a week, but since getting home a couple of weeks ago I've been unable to bring myself to paint. Not quite sure what the problem is but I think it's partially due to a semi-disastrous spray job on my latest miniature. I tried a white undercoat and got the dust problem. I've decided I'll strip and restart but that means getting some new pieces to replace the ones that will be probably damaged in the process (hands, spear head etc). In the meantime I've decided to start something fresh. The familiar should be a good place to start, it won't take to long to paint. I'm also going to try a white undercoat on this miniature too. Any regular readers wondering about the sniper, well that one seems to be cursed. Built it ages ago, took it apart, rebuilt in a new pose, and now it sits half painted. I'll get back to it eventually, but I'll be doing an Arcoflag before I return to the sniper (Judge Dredd artist John Hicklenton died while I was away and since, iirc, the arco owes so much to his vision of Mean Machine I feel that it's only fitting).