Friday, 23 April 2010


The Herdstone

My new blog for WFB/Fantasy stuff. I'll carry on posting Sci-fi related material here. The new blog will be a little different, with a more warts and all flavour. Also there will be a fair amount of cross-posting between the blogs. I'll be building a Tzeench-alligned Hordes of Chaos army, like WFB Chaos used to be the last time I had any interest in it. Of course this means there will be a lot of beasts and monstrous creatures, perfect for =][= (despite the square bases!), I've included pictures of some of the miniatures that I intend to paint, some of which I already own, some of which I plan on getting along the way (I rather like the new GW minotaurs after initially finding them not at all pleasing, I imagine I'll be painting a fair few of those eventually). There's loads of 54mm fantasy stuff out there that will look great in a WFB Horde. It's a shame that there isn't such a depth of quality in the 54mm sci-fi genre, but this is life.

Of course this means that there'll be less updates to this blog, but I think this is a good thing. I'm really enthused about this new blog, something that's been entirely lacking from my =][= stuff lately, I know it will get me out of this painting rut. =][= is still my favoured realm, but I need a little break from it in order to refresh my enthusiasm.

Also I'll be running a little raffle after I get the new blog up and running, probably some GW vouchers as a prize, so stay tuned for that!


  1. Crikey1 I've got enough trouble keeping one blog going, let alone two! Looks good though mate. :)

  2. Cheers Andy! :) Kicks off today, with a whole week of painting/modelling goodness.

  3. One of my first warbands had a minotuar as a mutant with a big axe and psychic powers.