Friday, 12 March 2010

Erazmus, Crusader

Really dire pics I know (even the angles - for some reason the main facing pics were very blurred) but I intend to get some good ones tomorrow or the next day. I'll take the minis outside to get some proper light (so far all my pics are taken on the window board of my lounge). I'll do this with all my minis I think, the weather seems to be improving, just need a windless day with nice Spring light.

This guy should have a backpack from the Covenant model, but the pin I used is too long (or rather the hole in his back isn't deep enough) The only miniature pliers I have are flat, so I'll have to get some decent needle-nose pliers tomorrow and replace the pin.

The red in particular is very washed out. The silver on the carapace is just crap, I need to improve my technique because I have 2 fully armoured characters to include in this retinue, both will be silver, and one of them is my uber =][= Lord, so I'll have to do some reading up I think.

Also final pre-paints on the sniper. The supressor on the rifle probably shouldn't have a hole in it(?) I'm not sure, but I drilled it anyway. It would probably look nicer with 2 holes, but if I drilled another the chances are that they won't line up exactly so I'll leave it.

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