Thursday, 4 February 2010

Second Circle

Midweek update is supposed to be Wednesday but I was quite busy yesterday so this one is slightly late. Anyway, here is the Acolyte, Gabriel Stern. I've decided that instead of including him in the current group I'll have him lead a separate retinue, The Second Circle, a group of trusted agents to my main Inquisitor.

As usual with my miniatures I've made some mistakes and also compromises but I am quite satisfied, I think this one will be a lot of fun and I'm going to use a different scheme, getting rather bored with the grey-black colour scheme.

Next update on Sat/Sun.


  1. nice work, iam glad someone realy plays inquistitor its amazing game

  2. These figs look great! But if I may dare a comment - I would terun his head slightly to appear a bit more dynamic, and I would shorten that barrel a bit as I think it would make the gun seem bulkier and more intimidating.

    Keepem' comin.

  3. Thanks for both comments!

    Well I have already painted the gun and right arm but I think you may be right about the head, it would look better at an angle, I'll try that ;)