Friday, 19 February 2010

Erazmus Pre-paints

Hello all, here's the latest member of my current warband Second Circle. This guy is Erazmus, an ex-pitfighter turned guardsman turned Penal Legionairre turned Heretic killer. With quite a history I plan on writing a detailed background. This isn't exactly what he'll look like (explianed after pics for anyone that wants to read) but these are the only pre-paint pics I'll take, after the final conversions I'll start painting straight away.

As usual this miniature isn't exactly as I envisioned but is close enough to be satisfactory.

I always thought that the Sgt. Stone (base model) legs looked a bit awkward until I made this model with different legs and realised that the originals are quite appropriate. With that in mind I would have been better off bending his left arm at the elbow to change his stance slightly but I was too far into the build by the time I realised.

Even discounting this, he still looked a little "off" when examined closely. I decided that it was his right arm being positioned a little low on the torso (or his left a little high, depending on how you look) so I'll be adding extra padding to the shoulder before I paint, hence the finished product will look a little different to these pics.

When it came to the torso carapace I had a number of options. I could have comfortably sculpted an Inquisitorial =][= to the armour surface, but given that I had to remove one to make the conversion (superior to any that I could have sculpted) this didn't seem right. Other options were FW brass (Aquila, CruxT etc) but in the end it came down to 2 choices. Eventually I decided on this "Soul guard", a device consisting of Pentagramic wards inscribed underneath a plate of abletive armour, providing protection to body and soul, appropriate for Erazmus' vocation of dedicated holy warrior. The other option was many studs, as seen on the classic RT marines. I've always liked the RT studded look, so will use it on the planned shoulder pad.

That's it, hope you like him, he's definately my favourite so far! :)


  1. Nice conversion, look forward to seeing it painted. :)

  2. Cheers Poleaxe. Painting is underway as I type :)